Category 1
The AustralAsian eLearning Academy has partnered with the Rii Skills Centre, an Australian Registered Training Organisation, to deliver Australian Qualification Framework courses from;
Certificate III to Advanced Diploma via facilitated distance learning, worldwide, to anyone with internet access.
On successful completion of any of these Australian Qualification Framework courses, the learner will be issued with an Australian Certificate which is recognised by the Australian Government and accepted by the majority of governments worldwide.

AU_Logo-ID-dd9b4d99-c791-43d1-ba1b-b0e0ded057c8Category 2
An eLearning programme for the delivery of NON-Australian Government accredited courses which have been designed and will be delivered to the Australian Qualification Framework standard.
The AustralAsian Group have spent several years researching the requirements of online learners and identified different andspecific learner requirements, such as;
1. Professional development (job requirement);
2. Professional development (self-interest);
3. Professional development (job improvement)
4. Professional development (job change);
5. The enquiring mind;
6. Pleasure; and
7. Self-esteem.
If you do require courses accredited by the Australian Government under the Australian Qualifications Framework, please see the category 1 courses.
On successful completion of any of these courses, a Certificate of Attainment will be issued by the AustralAsian eLearning Academy under our own Quality Management System standard.
The Australian Qualification Framework standard courses in category 2 are NOT accredited by the Australian Government, but are written to the same standard as the courses that are accredited by the Australian Government and are designed for those learners who want to complete courses to the Australian Qualification Framework standard but do not want to pay the additional costs required to have them accredited by the Australian Government.
These courses are up to 70% cheaper than the accredited courses and all learners successfully completing these courses will be issued a Course Completion Certificate by AustralAsian eLearning Academy.
All certificates issued by the AustralAsian eLearning Academy are issued under the IADC accredited Workplace Training and Assessment Assurance programme, DIT No.1029989.
                                  Category 3

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An eLearning programme through our Learning Management System for the delivery of a number of externally and internally accredited eLearning courses including;1. Health, Safety and Environmental;
2. Offshore Oil and Gas and Maritime;
3. Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping;
4. Management and Soft Skills’ and
5. Training and Assessment – Train-the-Trainer.
Category 3 eLearning courses include courses which are accredited and certified under the standards listed below. The standard to which each course is accredited is clearly identified within the course overview:
1. International Accreditation;
1.1. Flag Authority (IMO);
1.1.1. Singapore Flag (Marine and Port Authority of Singapore);
1.1.2. Cook Island Flag (Cook Islands Register);
1.2. International Industry Associations;
1.2.1. IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors);
2. National Accreditation;
2.1. Australian Qualification Framework (Australian Government);
3. SEATAG Accreditation; and
4. In-house – Company Accreditation.